Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Update On The Film Crew That Never Showed

As I had said, a film crew from the hospital was suppose to follow us around the day of the kids' surgeries. Not only did they never bother to show up but also never bothered calling us to let us know they weren't showing up.

The only reason this pisses me off is because I fought with my teenager over this and spent time preparing my daughter for it. It was added stress my family didn't need just to be blown off and not shown any damn decency. I think it's rude and ignorant that they didn't at least call to say they decided not to do it and I have tried calling the lady who was setting it up but she's basically not taking my calls.

People like this suck. I don't care about not being filmed especially since the whole day turned out so awful but why do people not have the decency and manners anymore to at least think of others?

So I called the chic (Samantha) and she said that the surgeon was suppose to tell us what was going on and she "thought" he was in constant communication with us. She said that what happened was because it was such short notice (almost TWO weeks is really short notice I guess) that she couldn't find anyone in the media to cover it. Yeah okay tell me another one lady. In other words they didn't feel it was important enough to cover or would get enough ratings so they dropped it.

I told her that I didn't appreciate no one telling us that it was off and that it added stress my family didn't need at the time. I told her that even if she WAS in constant contact with the Doctor and HE dropped the ball you would think SHE would call at some point considering SHE was the one who started all this. She got a little snotty with me and went back to "well I'm sorry it ended this way we were under the impression that Dr. G told you" blah blah blah. I told her in the future CALL people because this was just crap.

So anyway- that's what happened. It wasn't important enough and obviously WE weren't important enough to deserve even so much as a call telling us it was off.

I WILL be adding that to my letter I am sending about the entire ordeal.

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