Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Ped Endo Bites The Dust

Well I took the kids to meet a new pediatric endocrinologist today only to have it go horribly horribly wrong. :( When I called and set up the appointment in the first place I asked specifically if the doctor had ever had a patient with MEN2a and was informed that he had but it had been awhile. This is part of the reason we had chosen him in the first place.

So the kids and I drove the over an hour to Lake City to see Dr. FT Weber. Our appointment was at 2pm and we arrived at 1pm. Filled out the paperwork and sat there until almost 2:30pm before being called back to a room. Once we got back there we sat there for OVER AN HOUR before the doctor bothered to come in. We started talking and he starts asking me a ton of questions about ME. I figure okay fine he just needs history until he asks me if I'm still menstruating. WTF???? That was strike two (the long long wait was strike one) and I should have listened to my instincts and walked out right then and there but instead stupid me stayed.

He eventually got to asking questions about the kids, babbling about books or some crap to Big B, didn't seem to listen when I told him we still had an hour's drive to get home, and then tells Sis to come over to him. As soon as she is in front of him he lifts up her shirt, tweaks her nipples, pulls the waistband of her pants out, and says "She's in the beginning stages of puberty". I about flipping fell over right then and there!!

I was in such a state of shock and it took me a good five minutes before I gathered myself. By then he was telling Big B to hold onto some beads on a string, measuring his penis, holding his balls, and telling me that Bret was well into puberty. In the meantime I had looked over next to me to see my daughter with tears in her eyes and a look like she had just been violated.

I felt like the worst failure of my life and asked Sis if she was okay. She told me that he had scared her and I told her that we would NOT be coming back again and I was sorry. The doctor didn't seem to hear me and continued to blah blah blah and eventually basically tell me that he didn't think he was qualified to see the kids. I then asked him if he had ever had an MEN2a patient before to which he said he hadn't and no one said he did. I told him that his damn receptionist told me he had and that is the only reason I had brought my children here!!!

So long story short- we will never go back, his manner with children sucks, he left my kids feeling violated, his receptionist is a moron, and that's one more pediatric endocrinologist out the door. I'm also going to report this to our insurance company so they will hopefully take him off the list of providers. I just can't believe he 1- did that to my kids, 2- tried to tell ME that his receptionist didn't say he'd seen an MEN2a patient, and 3- that he can even practice because the man is a freaking pee brain!!

Tomorrow we all have to get bloodwork, on Thursday I finally get to go to the eye doctor, and next Tuesday I see Dr. L again. Hopefully we all show as doing okay on the bloodwork.

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kaz said...

You were right to decide on not going back to him. What a freak and poor Chelle too.
Unreal Jo, just unreal.
You and yours are in my thoughts as always. Sorry Ive not been much of a bud but I do love ya and Im trying to keep up on all your things.
When life slows up a bit I will write you more.
You are a trouper girl. Love the new hair cut and you are still fact hot !
Love, Kaz