Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Odd Bloodwork Results and Vomiting Kiddo

Well yesterday the endocrinologist called me with some peculiar results. My intact PTH came back "fine" he said. He said that it was nowhere near 1097. He also said that my calcium was actually low, calcitonin seemed about the same, and that the labs Valdosta used must have been wrong. Well to be honest, I would think since the levels were 515 in July and 1097 in October it is hard for me to believe that Quest was the lab that was wrong. I'm going to have the new general doctor redo the tests so I can get a second set. If they confirm Dr. G's results then we'll know it was a Quest Labs fluke and I've never been hyperparathyroid since the surgery. If they are different then we'll know the first tests here were wrong and they need to go back to planning on taking this thing out of my arm. As it is now Dr G has cancelled the parathyroid scan.

The CT scan has been scheduled for December 2nd at 8:30am so hopefully this will get things going on that.

Sis and I went to have our bloodwork done for the general doc yesterday and the poor kid ended up vomiting. I think it was a combination of the fasting, nerves, and it was warm in the lab. She kept apologizing and I kept telling her there was nothing to be sorry for. It's not like the poor thing could help it. She was okay after a few minutes and from now on they will have her lie down when she has blood drawn.

So now we wait for those results to come back and meanwhile the pain in my arms and legs is getting worse for some reason. The last two nights I haven't been able to sleep because it has hurt so bad. I'm trying to hold out for the bloodwork to get back but I may have to go back to Dr. M (the new general doctor) and have him check things out again. I'm also having horrible pain in my right flank that leaves me wondering if I'm getting another kidney blockage. It hurts to sit, stand, bend..... it just constantly feels like I have a backache AND someone is shoving the heel of their foot in my right kidney. Fun times!

*Update* Our bloodwork came back. Sis's TSH levels were at 15.27 (normal is 0.6-6.3) so she is elevated over double the normal. Odd because that would usually mean she would gain weight not lose it. So she is now on 112mcg of Levothroid and hopefully that will fix things for her.

My bloodwork all came back fine (can you imagine?? LOL) so I am now being referred to a neurologist and we will see what he says. If he can't find anything then I don't know what to do anymore. My pain is getting worse in my extremities and I'm afraid that if the neurologist can't find anything then no one will listen. So if you're reading this Dr M- please don't quit on me and please help me find the cause of my pain. It's real and it hurts and all I want is to feel semi-normal again.

I don't know where we stand on the degenerative disc thing but maybe that will be looked into more if nothing turns up with the neurologist.

So that's it for now. More to come after the CT scan because you KNOW how wonderfully I do with those. *eyeroll*

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W said...

Dear Jo,
Thanks so much for taking the time to update your Blog - your life is incredibly busy and stressful and I admire your willingness to share your journey with others.I think of you and your family often.
My teenage daughter has 2B, has had a total thyroidectomy, lymph nodes removed and currently a low calcitonin level. She is otherwise very active and well at the present time and we pray that will continue.
One of her doctors here In Aus has spoken to us about the trials Dr Sam Wells is conducting which is how I came across your Blog as I was doing a search using his name and the Drug trial. We are pinning hopes on the results of these trials.
Hang in there Jo.