Tuesday, March 25, 2008

As always, things here are never boring.

Since my last post Monkeyboy got a bug bite on his bottom lip and we have had a wonderful run in with MRSA, the results came back on Big B's 24hr urine showing that adrenal tumors are most likely beginning, and just all kinds of fun. haha

This was our first time dealing with MRSA so it was a little scary especially since no one bothered to tell us (doctor and then urgent care who had taken a culture) what the infection was until it was pretty much too late for the rest of us. Considering that I don't like the idea of ANY of my kids being sick plus I have a weakened immune system.... well that didn't sit too well with me AT ALL. Saying I was beyond pissed would be an understatement. Thankfully though no one else got the infection and Monkeyboy is doing much much better. To be honest, I didn't know a whole lot about staph infections before this month but boy do I now! Nasty stuff and I recommend everyone to read up on it because you just never know when it could show up.

As for Big B, we had elevated levels in his test results and had to see another endocrinologist (because his ped endo felt he was old enough to go to an adult endo) to decide what to do next. I felt really comfortable with this endo considering that he is MY endo's husband! After going over the results and talking to Mr Dr Endo the plan is to test Big B every three months to see how the results flucuate/rise. If it looks like things are going slowly then we will wait it out for a bit (because pheochromocytomas usually grow fairly slowly) but if it looks like tumors are forming quickly then the search for a topnotch adrenal surgeon will begin. There is no way in hell I'm letting any of my kids end up all messed up like I am. I love them too much.

So please keep my kiddo in your thoughts for awhile. I'd really rather things not come to him needing surgery. I think they've dealt with enough of this MEN2a bullshit already.

I am happy to report that I did not almost die this month. Amazing I know!! *smiling* Actually, now that I know what to do I see adrenal crisis being a very rare thing for me and I'm very happy about that. Now all I just need to make it through the upcoming appointment with the thyroid/breast surgeon on March 31st and things will be all good. To be honest, I'm scared about that one but really really hoping the lump in my breast is nothing and we can go back to life as usual.

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