Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Had to reschedule the Octreotide scan and liver biopsy for March 8th, 9th, and 10th. The main reason is because we just dumped almost $3000 into the van and the black car THINKING they would both be reliable. The van got a new transmission and a few other parts and promptly decided yesterday to start burning oil and the brakes started messing up. So we most likely need either a new head gasket or a whole new motor for the van. Vinny redid the engine in the black Honda and the stupid thing is still leaking oil so he has to pull the tranny again and fix it AGAIN. :( So no way to get to Tampa today for the scans and such tomorrow.

I think rescheduling was a good idea anyway because alot is going on here that needs taken care of. There is really no sense in me getting treatment for the cancer and stuff if I'm just coming back to a toxic environment. Hopefully things can be straightened out once and for all. Actually things WILL be straightened out once and for all no matter what.

I figured out why I've felt like hell the last few weeks. I've been stressed to the gills and "stuff" and haven't been compensating my meds to deal with it. So I've basically been slowly wearing my own system down to the point where if I had kept going I probably could have easily ended in an adrenal crisis. This morning I doubled the Prednisone and actually feel a little better today. Not sure if it's had time to get into my system or not but maybe just mentally it's helping knowing I took it you know. ;) I'll continue to double it for a few days and then go back to regular doses like I'm suppose to be. I'm suppose to triple the dose but the thought of that just freaks me out. Of course, if doubling doesn't work then of course I will triple. Damn my adrenal gland for not working!

I have to go by Dr. L's office here in awhile and get copies of my test results as well as have them call me in another prescription for the Florinef because I have about 6 days worth left on that and no refills. After that I might swing by the pediatrician that I want for the kids and give them copies of the kids' records so we can start things there as well.

I made an appointment with Dr. R (the surgeon here in town) yesterday for March 2nd for the kids. Hopefully he will do their thyroidectomies because the kids really want to stay here and not have to go somewhere else. I even told them that other hospitals have pediatric units with nice walls and other kids. My oldest said "Mom, I really don't care what color the walls are and we're only going to be there for a day so it's not like I care about making a surgery buddy or something". LOL. I'll probably pull out that Gameboy Advance I got at Toys R Us (I just have to brag- I got it for $7.49 on sale!!! They only had one left and that stinks but I couldn't have afforded one otherwise so I'm happy) and let the kids play with that to pass the time while they are in the hospital. They can just take turns with it. :)

So for now I'm just trying to keep from getting sick and trying to start feeling better. Also trying to make things calm in my household even though they haven't been in 5 years so no clue WHY I think they should be now. No appointments this week so I plan on just hanging out with the little guy, doing some knitting, doing some cleaning, and maybe getting in some Tai Chi and sewing.

Symptoms for this week just to keep track- headache (three weeks nonstop now), nausea, vomiting when the headache and nausea hit at the same time, no appetite (that is so odd from a week ago when I was eating everything in site), bone/muscle pain, abdominal cramping, acid reflux, little bit of dizzyness, and the last two days I've had fatigue.

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