Friday, February 25, 2005

I just want to start out by asking if anyone who reads this could please say some thoughts and prayers for one of my best friends, Emily. Today was the two year anniversary of when her sweet baby quit breathing and her whole world changed. Kierra spent the next 8 months struggling for life and basically living in hospitals until she finally lost her battle only days before her first birthday. It was a very hard day for Em and then she got more bad news. I don't feel it's my right to share in on the internet but suffice to say she has experienced more loss than someone her age ever should and my heart just aches for her. She is such a wonderful person and deserves so much good in her life. It sucks that she keeps getting the crap end of the stick. :( Thank you.

So I went to get my labwork done today and for some reason they want me to come back NEXT week to be tested for diabetes. I have no clue WHY but it would be nice if they would just do all the testing I need at once so I don't have to keep going back. Dr Lawrence told me on the phone that she wanted me to have the additional tests today but her nurse told the lab today no so oh well. They did draw for the replacement calcitonin test and metanephrine test so those should be back sometime next week as well. I found out the lab here isn't the one screwing up my bloodwork. The sample is frozen like it's suppose to be when the courier from Quest Labs picks it up and it thaws somehow by the time Quest gets it so it is THEIR fault. The supervisor of the lab here is filing a complaint because as I said, this is like the second or third time for me and they did this once to my kids too. If it ever happens again I'm requesting that NONE of my labwork goes to Quest anymore.

We FINALLY have an appointment with a surgeon for the kids! Dr L referred us to a surgeon that operated on her son and is comfortable doing thyroidectomies in children. It is a doctor in Atlanta on March 1st named Dr. KG so hopefully this gives us enough time to plan their surgeries over Spring Break. The surgeon here in town said he wasn't comfortable doing their surgeries (then promptly sent me $149 bill from my appointment 5 months ago. Weiner!) so this is who we were referred to. I hope this guy is competant because I think if I meet one more stupid doctor I'm going to cry. Seriously. I just can't take the stupidity anymore.

Speaking of stupidity- I went to the pediatrician that doctor in Tallahassee referred me to and he's a weiner too!! Dr. G is so pro-vax that he refused to take my youngest child as a patient at all because he isn't vaxed. I was so pissed off over that but I kept my cool. I asked when I first went in what his views on vaxing were and the girl called back to the back and asked. You could hear him on the phone basically laughing at me and calling me a nut. I felt like grabbing the phone from the secretaries hand and ripping into him. He said that HE has FULL confidence in the AMA, FDA, and CDC and believes EVERY child should be vaccinated and it is irresponsible not to.

I wanted to cancel ALL the kids out after that but I kept my cool and still kept the appointments I made for the oldest two because I want someone who at least knows what men2a is to care for them.

Of course, I came home and promptly started calling every pediatrician I could find on our insurance within 50 miles. :) I found one about 20 miles from here who knows what men2a is (hasn't had any ped men2a patients but knows what it is and is very interested in learning more) and is pro-vax but is totally cool with our choice on Lil Man. He said I would just have to sign a waiver saying I take responsibility and understand the consequences of not vaxing. I told him I am very educated on vaxing and vaccinations and I'm very comfortable with my decision. He (it's a husband and wife practice) was really cool about it and sounded excited to get to be the kids' doctor...all THREE kids' doctor. So I set up and appointment with them and will call bright and early on Monday morning to tell Dr. G to stick it! Wanker!

So we now have a new pediatrician set up and a surgeon for the kids. All that is left is a pediatric endocrinologist and they are good to go. I can finally breathe a LITTLE easier on that at least.

After taking 15mg of my meds for two days I'm feeling MUCH better. I also took some of the new pain pills last night and it took away the pain and that was it. I wasn't left drowsy, dizzy, or impaired in any way. Definately what I like to have! The doctor wants me to stay on 10mg of the steriods for a few days and then taper back down to 5mg. If I start feeling like crap again then we'll know where I'm suppose to stay dosage wise and can adjust. I just hope everything gets adjusted before I leave for Tampa so I'm not dealing with feeling like crap on top of everything else. I just want to feel normal again so I can at least pretend everything is okay. As long as I'm not "feeling" sick then I can pretend I don't have cancer, men2a, or any of this other crap. I can just stay in my bubble you know?

That's all for this update. Look at my normal blog for everything else going on with the heathens and us. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking of Em, that was nice of you to put her in your journal first. You are a good friend to her Jo.

Yep you keep those doctor's hopping! I don't know how you keep it all straight though.
Kaz xx