Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Big B and Sis- Endocrinologist Appointment

The bloodwork came back from the kids' tests and Sis can stop taking the Tums now because her calcium levels are fine. I brought up the fact that she gets headaches and turns pale and Dr. L said it doesn't sound like anything having to do with the meds so we're going to set up a full blood panel screen with the kids' regular doctor to see if anything is going on.

We also found out that Sis is developing keloids in her throat scar. :( Poor kid inherited yet another thing from her mother. I'm just really starting to feel like I suck thanks to all this you know? Anyway- not much we can do about it right now but after the one year mark I think I will take her to a dermatologist and see if we can do anything about it. Her TSH and PTH levels came back fine so the level of Levoxyl we have her on seems to be doing it's job.

Big B has been put back on the Calcitrol because his calcium levels are still a little low. ALMOST where we need them but just not yet. The nice thing is he is only on the Calcitrol every other day instead of everyday like he was before. He also has to continue with the three Tums daily. His TSH came back fine meaning he's on the right level for his body of Levoxyl as well. His scar is healing fine and no signs of keloids on him. It seems one of the kids got the easier road on this and one of them got the hard road. *sigh* I wish they both could have just had as easy a time as possible considering all they have to go through.

We will be doing bloodwork on them again in 2 weeks and go from there on whether or not to keep Bret on the Calcitrol.

I also talked to Dr. L about the whole parathyroid thing (removed or not removed) and she agrees that if there was parathyroid tissue present when the pathologist did his stuff then more than likely it was parathyroids themselves. I am NOT happy about this to say the least. I'm going to email Dr. G again and tell him what I've found out. If he denies it again then we will look into what our options are as far as scans or whatever to determine how many parathyroid the children have left. I don't mind if they were removed because considering the history and everything I understand why parathyroid would be removed. What makes me mad is if they were removed and Dr. Gow is lying to me about removing them. THAT is where I have a problem and that is why I want to know the truth for sure.

And it looks like this post is long enough already so I think I will just post a new one about me tomorrow. LOL. Don't want to overload anyone who still reads this thing. ;)

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