Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just A Quick Update

aka So I Don't Forget! :) I finally have a date for my CT Scan! I'm happy that I can finally get it done but at the same time, having a reaction to the barium shakes makes me want to hide under my bed and not go. lol.

The scan will be done on March 12th and I'm hoping to get the chest x-ray earlier that same day so everything can just be done and over with. We'll be doing a scan of my neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvic area specifically. What we are looking for is medullary cancer mets in two of those places, check the fibrosis and hemangioma in my liver (bigger? smaller? more? less?), and then the elusive "tumor" in my small bowel. We already know that the cancer is coming back in my neck but we're hoping it's not forming in the lymph nodes in my chest yet or anyplace else.

If we don't see a tumor in the small intestine this time then I will finally breathe a sigh of relief and consider it nonexistant. In 2004 I had my first scan done (with barium and iv contrast) in Georgia which came back showing a tumor in my small bowel. About a year later I had another scan done here(with something else since the barium made me extremely ill and iv contrast) that came back not showing anything. My endocrinologist (at the time- FIRED) decided that their scan was right, Georgia's was wrong, and blew everything off. That did not sit well with me at all so that is why I'm having it checked again and doing it with the barium despite my reaction to it.

As I said, if it comes back not showing anything then I will happily consider that chapter closed and finished with a YAYYYY! ;) If it does show up then I will be having surgery this year to remove it. As anyone with no adrenals/adrenal insufficiency knows... surgeries are just tons of fun! *thick on the sarcasm* but with MEN2a and metastatic MTC it's a necessary evil.

So as soon as I get the results I will update again. Nothing exciting going on besides that. I have to see my rheumatologist soon and restart medications for the fibromyalgia and etc, I need to hire a new endocrinologist, and I need to find out if I should add an oncologist to my "team". Fun stuff I tell ya! Woot Woot. lol.

Also, I'm sorry for so many downbeat posts. I hope the people who read understand that after two years all this has worn on me and this is finally my "depressed" phase I guess you could call it? Being in pain everyday is hard and sometimes it comes through in my typing. I apologize for that. I don't mean to bring the folks who are nice enough to read this down but I have a feeling that most of you do understand and for that I am thankful.

I'm still hanging in there. Sometimes a finger slips off the ledge a little but I'm still holding on. ;)

By the way- tomorrow is my *gulp* Thirty-Second birthday (yep that 3 and 2). How can I be in my 30s when at least in my mind I still feel like I'm in my 20s? Then again, my body feels like its in it's 80s so maybe that evens things out. LOL.


Kat O+ said...

Just wanted to wish you lots of good luck and good health! :-)

jane said...

Darn I missed your birthday !!!!

Huge hugs


roos said...

Hi, Jo. Thanks for the nice comment on my site. I see you are going through the wars as well. Only yours seems to be tougher than mine. You seem to be an amazingly courageous woman.
I hope your CT Scan will be OK. I'll be checking out your site from time to time, to see how you are doing.
Lots of love and hugs.

W said...

Happy Belated birthday Jo!
W in Australia