Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Much For That

I guess the correct way to give the CT Scan results is kinda of inconclusive? I need to get a copy of the radiologist's report and read it myself before I can figure out what's what. Right now there's just too many questions left unanswered. Sorry but hopefully things will get worked out and I can come back here and give a good report.

Other than that, I'm back on Ultracet for pain (we're starting from the bottom up again on the painkillers because I'm just not willing to get into the heavy duty stuff) and back on Neurontin for the peripheral neuropathy. I also have to make an appointment with a new endocrinologist, my rheumatologist, and wait for my referral to an oncologist. Busy busy me.

Until then....


Meg L. said...

Ow, How frustrating!

It seems wrong to say 'hang in there', but at least know that you are in my thoughts.

Bebe said...

It's so frustrating when you finally do the tests and wind up with more questions than answers. And more diagnoses.
Neurontin and Tramadol may not be the most effective pain relievers but they work.I too can't do narcotics and am happy to have some relief.
You are a rather amazing person and a wonderful inspiration!

Lill said...

I read your blog for the first time today, and also your other homeschooling blog. I'll never complain about hypothyroidism and arthritis again. I'll include you in my meditations, if it's okay with you, and fervently hope that a whole bunch of researchers are working on a cure and will find it right after lunch today. Just a note on Tylenol pm or otherwise. It's rough on the liver, but you probably already know that and a lot more about medication than I do.
With hope,