Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Insurance Companies Suck Too

I filed a formal complaint with our insurance company (Lovelace Health) on Dr. Jerk Rheumatologist in hopes that they would actually look into it. Of course, I was wrong. All they did was have one of their people go to Dr. Jerk, ask him if he "fired" me, he told them "no", and that was it. They believed him and basically told me too get bent. :(

He of course didn't write down in his notes what he said to me so he was able to lie his way out of the whole thing even though Dr. M said the notes that were sent to him basically stated Dr. Jerk was finished with me! They didn't bother to ask Dr. M any questions. Of course, why would they because then it would mean they were actually doing something.

That creep sat there, looked me in the eye and said... and I quote-

Jerk- "Well we won't need to see you again unless something new comes up"
Me- "So what does that mean? So I don't make anymore follow up appointments?"
Jerk- "No, there's nothing more I can do for you. Okay, so you don't even need to go by the window on your way out. Good-bye"

That is exactly how the conversation went and that jerk lied his ass off when questioned! I know he's ignorant but it's upsetting to know that Lovelace Health doesn't care about their customers either.

I sat in my van and cried for TWO HOURS because of that asshole and when I file a complaint I pretty much get told just to shove it! Nice, I'm very happy to know that each month money is being taken out of my husband's paycheck to pay for insurance through this company!

Until some of these doctors pull their heads out of their pompous asses we as patients are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

I had an appointment with a new oncologist that I cancelled when I received the insurance company's stupid letter. I'm just not going to do it anymore. I'm finished. They win. I'm through being a good girl and going to all these doctors just to get treated like dirt because they think they know it all.

Unless you are a doctor that specializes in MEN2a and/or medullary thyroid cancer then you don't know even a quarter as much as I or most other MENnies I know do. WE study more than just a chapter on it. WE live it every day of our lives. WE are the ones who do the research while you sit back in your chair with that smug look on your face bluffing your way through our appointment. WE educate ourselves to understand this because doctors like YOU could care less.

It's because of YOU that most of us have been through botched surgeries, problems with medications, scary trips to the ER, and left in pain. It's because YOU think you are the be all end all. Here's a little truth to shove down your cocky self-righteous throats... you don't know squat! You know nothing and your manners with patients suck even worse than your attitude! But hey, what do you care? No matter what you get your money and isn't that all it's really about for you? It surely isn't because you want to help people. Every single one of you doctors with your heads up your asses make me sick!

To the doctors who truly care, who actually listen, and who give us even just a little respect and credit for knowing what we're talking about as well... Thank you. Thank you from me and my children. You are too few and far between which is a shame. Knowing you are there though helps people like me not just give up hope. Thank you for that.

Thank you to Dr. Jennifer Lawrence for crying when she gave me the MEN2a results on my children. Thank you for caring for them during our search for a ped endo. Thank you for trying to talk me out of going to Tampa for my surgeries. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.

Thank you to Dr. Samuel Wells for all the phone calls two years ago when we were trying to figure out if I was eligible for the study. You always cared first and foremost about how the kids and I were doing and even when we knew that I couldn't be in the study you still cared. That meant alot.

Thank you to Brad Ridge the PA at Valdosta Family Medicine Associates PC. If it wasn't for you who knows when the MEN2a and cancer would have been found. You literally saved mine and my childrens' lives and for that I am forever thankful. Being upset over a pregnancy test seems so silly now. ;)

Thank you to Dr. Christian Meuli for always listening to my ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Thank you for letting me be a part of my healthcare. It's because of you that I stand up for myself and my kids with other doctors. It's because of you I know we deserve great care. Thank you for that.

I know that anytime someone Googles any of those names they will be led to this blog and hopefully they will read about the great care providers I listed. If only there were more doctors like these in the world it would make things so much better for us and them both. Of course, if all doctors were like them then I couldn't say how special they are now could I? ;)


Morgan said...

Jo - Just wanted to let you know I am proud of you and your fighting spirit.
Insurance companies can be, well, you fill in the blanks.
Doctors, on the other hand, have no excuses to treat anyone with disdain, lies, indifference. I think that doctors confuse the "Hippocratic Oath" with the "Hypocritical Oath".
Recently I saw an investigative report on the rampant problem of surgeons not knowing their left from their right when operating on a patient - operating on the left side of the brain instead of the right, taking out the wrong kidney, performing surgery on the right arm rather than the left, etc.
The most egregious thing was that none of these surgeons expressed any remorse and the were not held liable for the damage done.
Yes, there are some wonderful doctors, some of whom you mentioned in your article. Too bad they are among the minority.
All the best to you and you are in our prayers.

clara* said...

amen sister. as a poor sucker with a botched surgery i really felt your frustration and pain in this post.

i don't let doctor's walk all over me anymore and stories like this one are the kind that other patients just starting their journey need to hear.

hang in there, and i will too. mwah.