Monday, January 17, 2005

Alpha Blockers and Toddler Weaning

This is day three of taking the alpha blocker (Doxazosin). Not as bad as I expected but not a picnic either. Started my first dose on Friday night w/one 1mg pill before bed. Woke up on Saturday morning a little dizzy, nauseated, tired but otherwise okay. TRIED to take it easy in hopes I wouldn't pass out. My oldest son was a huge help throughout the day while my daughter was absolutely horrible. That did not make me happy! She ended up getting all her toys packed up and taken away. NOT what I needed to deal with.

Saturday was also the first day of weaning for my toddler from breastfeeding. I wish I would have weaned him slowly and sooner. I just didn't know how and I was weak. I should have been stronger for his sake and I feel like the worst mother in the world right now. Friday night I had nursed him to sleep, held him, and cried (as in I cried) for a little bit before I went and took my first alpha blocker. He tossed and turned throughout the night but did fairly well. Saturday was so hard because he kept trying to nurse and I had to keep telling him we couldn't. I told him that they were broke, they would make him sick, that mama couldn't nurse... all of it broke his heart. I held him throughout the day and tried to get him to cuddle and nap to no avail. He finally cried one last time, curled up with me, and fell asleep out of pure exhaustion around 7:30pm. He tossed and turned throughout the night but slept until 8:30a on Sunday morning. Saturday night I took another 1mg pill and went to bed.

Woke up Sunday morning with the little guy and was feeling a little more dizzy, nauseated, stuffy nose, dry mouth, some blurry vision, and had this foggy feeling. I was also just so stinking tired. Still better than I had expected so I was happy. My oldest helped me out again throughout the day and I tried just to relax and not do much. Of course, my daughter decided to be a royal pain and I ended up having to clear everything but her bed out of her room, move her dresser into my room, and rearrange my bedroom to fit everything. Not something you should be doing while on a new medication but my daughter doesn't seem to care about that fact. I was so mad at her!! Later on in the day I started getting the feeling that my heart was pounding but whenever I checked my pulse it was normal.

Lil Man had a really rough day with the weaning on Sunday. He refused to take a nap and was just all around grouchy. I can't say I blame the poor thing. He kept trying to nurse and begging me to allow him to have "boob boob". At one point he said "Pwease mommy I boob boob? I wuv boob boob it make better pwease?". I just wanted to die right then and there. :( I held him alot and tried to keep his mind on other things. I even told him that he was doing so good and I was so proud of him. I told him that we would get him a special nap and nigh night cup when daddy gets back home (Vinny spent the weekend at his mother's) and also a special gift for doing so good. He fell asleep around 8:30pm and slept a little better throughout the night. I took two pills as per the instructions and went to bed around 11:30p.

That brings us to today. Woke up this morning at 10:30 (I NEVER sleep that late) feeling even more dizzy, only slightly nauseated, tired, dry mouth, had a stuffy nose last night throughout the night, that foggy feeling is still there, vision is kinda blurry off and on, and today I get some chest tightness and trouble catching my breath thrown in as well. Still have that heart racing even though my pulse is normal everytime I check.

I decided to look over the brochure they give you with the medication and noticed that I've had EVERY possible side effect they list so far. Greattttt. LOL. Of course, then there is the "CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you experience" side effects and I noticed that the blurry vision and pounding heart thing is under that. Well it got even better because then I read the "CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience" side effects and the difficulty breathing and chest tightness is under there. Lovely. I called the only number I have for Dr. Carter just to find out that the office is closed today so that did me no good at all.

I broke down and called Dr. L's nurse and left a message for her to call me. She called about a half hour later and I told her what is going on. I let her know I'm not worried as in I feel the need to rush to the ER but I wanted to make sure someone knew what was going on. Just in case you know? She said she would page Dr. L, talk to her, and then call me back. An hour later B called me back and said that Dr L says to call the doctor who prescribed the medication because she doesn't feel comfortable saying anything when SHE didn't prescribe it. *eyeroll* I informed B that I TRIED to call Dr. BC's office and it is closed today. The only thing it said for me to do was call 911 if this was an emergency or talk to the doctor on call which would do me no good because 1- he's in Tampa and 2- he didn't prescribe this to me either. B said she would call Dr. L back and let her know that and see if she had any suggestions. I'm going to go over and let my neighbor know what is going on just in case as well. I have three kids to think about so I'm not taking any chances.

So it looks like I'm on my own and lets hope this doesn't get ugly.

As for Lil Man and weaning today, he's doing great. He asked to cuddle and "hold them" earlier and I let him. He nuzzled a little but didn't try to latch on. I'm thankfully not swollen today like I was yesterday so I'm not in pain from a filled up chest. LOL. I'm sure he probably won't nap again today and it will be a long evening but I'm so proud of how well he is doing. I've been making sure he has plenty to drink because although nursing was more of a comfort than anything it still provided at least some of his liquid/hydrating needs and I don't want him dehydrating because of all this.

Today I take a total of two pills again and then tomorrow it will be one pill in the morning and two at bedtime bringing me up to three pills a day. It will stay that way until I go for the surgery. Hopefully I'm just having all these side effects because my body is adjusting and it will all go away. I figure I'm not having any swelling (no my chest does NOT count), no REAL trouble breathing or pain from chest tightness, and I haven't passed out so I am doing good! :D

Of course, my daughter is on day three of being her absolute worst and it is honestly wearing on me. It hurts knowing that when I really need my family (in this house and out of it) and people that no one can come through for me. Oh and if you noticed I didn't talk about Vinny while describing the weekend... yeah well there's reason for that too. This all just makes me not want to be there for anyone next time they need me. It must be nice for everyone to know that no matter what I will be there to take care of everything but when I need some of that back they all scatter like rats. My mother is beyond worthless, my brothers are a waste of flesh, and my sister is an ignorant ass right now. My husband isn't ranking very high up on the totem pole right now either and a few people I THOUGHT were friends have shown their true stripes as well. Niceeeee.

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