Thursday, January 13, 2005

Let The Games Begin!!

Time for an update. Bet you were all on the edge of your seats this whole time weren't you? ;)

I had emailed Dr. Wells with some questions and also to let him know I have a surgery date. He emailed me back today telling me that I would start the study the second or third week of February which is fine and may actually work as far as taking Lil Man with me goes. He also said that the drug company provides money for housing and meal costs during the length of the study so I had to email him back and basically ask him what he meant. If I can't get help with all this gas I am going to be using up on the way back and forth for 6 weeks then there is no way I can go. We can NOT afford that kind of expense.

I'm sure the drug company realizes that $1300 is not enough for a person or people to live off of for two months either. I'm talking about if they stay there in Durham. You have to pay two months worth of rent, a deposit, get utilities turned on, and everything else PLUS pay for neccessities and food. Even if you stay in a hotel.. well to be honest I don't see HOW you would stay in a hotel the whole 8 weeks! So what this is is people are suppose to stop their lives, be in this study, have $1300 to pay for stuff, foot the bill for all the rest, PLUS either they or their insurance company has to pay for some of the bloodwork, and all this just for the HOPE that this drug works. I mean sure, it might mean a cure. I could be cured of the cancer when this is all over but it's hard to explain to your family that they may have to eat ramen noodles and drink nothing but water to pay for you to drive back and forth for 6 weeks because MAYBE this will work.

Anyway- we'll see what he says when he emails or calls back.

Dr BC's office called and they have called in the alpha blocker to the pharmacy. They want me to start it tonight. I'm actually going to start it tomorrow night for a few reasons. One is so that Lil Man has one last night of nursing before I have to cut him off cold turkey. :( I feel like the worst mother in the world because I didn't have the strength to wean him slowly. Now I have to listen to him cry because he doesn't understand why he can't nurse. Another reason is because it will be just Lil Man and I at home tomorrow and I would rather hold off until more people are here in the house. I just think it's safer that way.

The doctor's office also informed me that I need to get a blood pressure monitor so I can log my blood pressure. I could just go to Walmart everyday but if I can't drive then that scratches that. So that's another $50 at least we are going to have to shell out. *sigh* It's no biggie though because I really do need to get one anyway. I'm going to need to monitor both mine and the kids' blood pressure every so often and it will just be easier having a monitor at home. So although it sucks we have to spend the money right now it's needed in the end anyway. :)

So let the games begin! I'm debating on whether or not I'm going to let the kids take pics of me with my tongue sticking out everytime I pass out to post on the net or not just for giggles. Hey... if you can't laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at right? ;) Okay besides the chic who comes out of the bathroom with her dress tucked into her pantyhose. Seriously though, no way are you people getting ahold of pics like that! I don't care how much you beg or try to pay me... well maybe paying me would work but that is IT!!! LOL j/k.

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