Monday, January 10, 2005

FINALLY A Surgery Date!

As of this morning the scheduler from H. Lee Moffit hadn't called me yet so I took matters into my own hands. :) I emailed Dr. BC and asked him some questions as well as told him no one had called me yet. To make things easier I will just copy and paste my email and his return email.


"Hello, I really don't have any contact numbers for you but I had a few questions to ask about the adrenalectomy if you don't mind.

When I saw you in December you said I would need a medicalert bracelet after the surgery (because we were doing an open adrenalectomy). If the adrenal sparing surgery is successful will I still need to get a medicalert bracelet? I'm just trying to plan ahead is all.

Will I need to be on any medications after the surgery? You had said before I would be on I think it was two medications to take the place of the adrenal glands function but again, if the sparing surgery is successful will I need to be on anything at all?

I'm still awaiting a call from someone in scheduling to set the surgery date so hopefully they will call today. If they don't is there a number I can call them at to try to speed things along?

Dr. Wells called me on Sunday and we're looking at me joining the study about 7-10 days after the surgery if everything is healing correctly. Thank you again for taking this on and for agreeing to do the surgery. I have no worries that I will be in good hands."

His reply-

"The success rate of the adrenal sparing is variable. As I mentioned on the phone, I have not attempted this with the laparoscope, only the open technique. I would plan on needing to be on cortisol replacement and florinef replacement post, and obtaining a medic alert bracelet. If the sparing technique is successful, you may not need replacement, but will likely require supplemental cortisol under severe physiologic stress (such as a car accident with injury) so the medic alert bracelet would be important.I will check on the scheduling. BC"

Only down side is I don't remember him saying he had never tried this laparoscopic before. LOL. Can you say "Ima Guinea Pig?". ;) It's okay though. So now I'm back to having to get a medicalert bracelet and I will have to carry an emergency kit/have one on hand in case I need a cortisol injection. Vinny is also going to have to learn (as am I) how to inject me in case of an emergency. FUN FUN FUN!! And here I thought my life was boring.

Anyway- Leah from scheduling called me back and we FINALLY have a surgery date!!! I have an appointment with the Anesthesiologist on Monday, January 24th at 3:30pm which gives us plenty of time to drive down there during the day that Monday. He will go over how the alpha blocker is doing, check over my history, and just overall make sure I'm okay for surgery. Then I will go in on TUESDAY, JANUARY 25TH AT 7:30AM for the surgery. Of course, we will have to be there at 5:30am to get checked in and everything.

I am so incredibly nervous. So many thoughts going through my head but I will make a seperate entry for that.

I called Dr. L's office this morning trying to get ahold of her nurse so I could get copies of the kids' test results. Of course, they said they would call me back blah blah blah. Basically if I don't get a call by this afternoon I will be showing up in the office tomorrow. From MY "standpoint" they need to quit being a pain in my butt!

So it looks like I should be entering the study at Duke by the end of the first week of February. Now the hard part- finding someone/people to help with Lil Man until the 11th when the only two people who can help me out will be able to come up. Hmmmmm maybe I should start a "Buy Jo A Nanny" fund. You think? ;) I'm joking... honest. I think winning the jackpot would make more sense. LMAO.

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