Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mi Vida Loca!

Just when you think things are settling down they go haywire again. First of all, Sis now has bloodwork on Wednesday with Big B. We're testing her for pheos again because ever since her thyroidectomy she has been having headaches. To be honest, after reading on the Ped Thyca board I think she needs to be put on a med other than Synthroid. Dr L wants her to see a neurologist but the soonest we can get Sis in to one is November. So I'm going to ask for a switch in meds until then and see how she does.

On Wednesday we had an "uproar" in our household and I started having bad chest pains. They got really bad and after not getting any better for two days I finally went to the clinic to get checked. I figured it was much safer to go there first and be sent to the hospital so they could inform the hospital about me than to just show up and let a hospital try to kill me again. They ran an EKG which showed an abnormality in the T wave but I guess 10-15% of people have that so it's not a big deal I guess. The chest X-ray came back okay and they couldn't tell me what is wrong with me. So Tuesday I have to have a Stress Test done and we will go from there.

They said they don't feel it is an aneurism, a heart attack, or anxiety but they gave me Xanax in hopes that my chest would relax and rest would make me feel better. It's now Monday and my chest is still killing me. It's a sharp pressing pain in my heart and it does get worse with stress.

Our schedule now goes- Monday: Nothing, Tuesday: my stress test, Wednesday: Kids get bloodwork, Thursday: I see pain doctor and then get bloodwork, and the next week I have an appointment with Dr B as do all three kids (Big B for allergies, Sis just for a check up, and Lil Man for bowel troubles). It's going to be tons of fun and that's just the appointments that are already made!

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Amy said...

I really don't understand why everything that goes on with you the docs can't figure it out...?? Didn't they go to school for 8 or so years so that they could figure this stuff out???