Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sometimes I don't even want to update anymore because I'm tired of posting messed up stuff. *sigh*

I had my MRI on Sept 6th and when I called the Pain Specialist for the results I was told "The MRI looked fine but showed some muscle spasming" and that was it. No, seriously... that was IT! Nothing else was said or done and I was told he would go over it with me at the end of the month. So again I have been left in pain. I may need those anti-depressants yet.

Dr. B said the acupuncturist was suppose to call me within a week but here it is over two weeks later and still nothing. I have called Dr B's office three times and been told each time "Dr B says Dr Chang will call you". Gee, thanks.

Dr B's office was also suppose to refer me to a nutritionist. After over a week of hearing nothing on that one I called twice and was told "Mrs P is the nutritionist and will get ahold of you".

All I want is just to feel better. I want the pain to stop, I don't want to constantly gain weight, and I don't want to constantly feel like crud. Oh yeah, and I want doctors to actually CARE. Fat chance I know but I can dream can't I?

We tried weaning Big B of the Rocalcitrol and his calcium levels dropped so he had to go back to everyday. He was upset but not much we can do. The poor kid becomes hypoparathyroid everytime we drop the Rocalcitrol on him. He gets his levels drawn again next week to make sure everything came back up.

So next week is a blood draw for Big B, one for me for my thyroid, visit with the pain doctor to get my MRI results, and I think that's it so far. Fun times eh?

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Amy said...

I can't believe how these stupid doctors treat you. Isn't there something you can do to get them to freaking call you?? Next time you call get the doctor (that you need to schedule with)'s name and number and place of business.... I can't believe they are like that to you. At the very least they could give you the information to call and schedule it yourself rather than WAITING for some obviously retarded doctor to call you in the first place. How are you supposed to even know if they have your file or anything. ARG!