Thursday, September 29, 2005

You ARE The Weakest Link...GOODBYE!!!

Monday night the nutritionist called me and we talked. We made an appointment for next week and she told me to keep a food diary. She's not sure she can do a whole lot about my weight because it's mostly thanks to steroids but she says she will try to help me start feeling healthier. Very nice lady and I'm glad she called.

Tuesday I had the stress test and it came back fine. They didn't see anything wrong on the EKG or during the test and to be honest, it was one of those things where if I didn't have the MEN2a they would have told me it was nothing and that would have been it. Instead I was told that if it continues or gets worse to let them know and they will do further testing *sigh*. So basically, unless I fall over or something then I'm just suppose to now deal with feeling like someone keeps squeezing my heart and an elephant is sitting on my chest. Lovely.

Wednesday I took the kids for their bloodwork and the girl squeezed me in as well so I wouldn't have to go back today. I was all for that! LOL. So we should know within a week the results on all three of us. I didn't get to have them include the PTH and calcitonin tests but I'll get those done for sure before I go anywhere.

Today I went to my appointment with the pain specialist. He finally decided to take me off the Cymbalta (I went off it three weeks ago), wanted to put me on Lexapro instead, told me to double (in other words take 4 pills a day) the Keppra, and double the Elavil. Well, I never started the Elavil and definately won't now. I asked him why an anti-depressant to help me sleep? Why not a sedative or something? Supposedly the Elavil is suppose to help the nerve pain too. I looked it up and wouldn't you know that Elavil has a caution on giving it to people who are on thyroid hormones.

So that would be THREE medications he would want me to take when NONE of the ones he has tried so far have worked. Ummmm yeah, get right on that. *eyeroll* He honestly looked kind of ticked off that I said it wasn't working and it was mixed with one of those looks like "yeah right". He also told me that mood swings, blah blah blah is part of "depression" and its not just about wanting to kill yourself. I told him "That's nice and all but I became a bitch AFTER I started the Cymbalta not before so I highly doubt it had anything to do with it". He also asked if I still felt down and I told him "No, I finally realized that I'm not going to get help with this pain so I just have to suck it up, accept it, and go on. I told you, I don't get blue for long and if someone else doesn't help me then I say screw it and go on with my life". He didn't like that too much.

By the way, he didn't prescribe me the Lexapro which would mean he was expecting me to wean off the Cymbalta, go without anything for three weeks, and then allow another two weeks for the Lexapro to kick in. If someone reading this gets this then please, by all means explain it to me because I'm not.

Anyway- fired and I'm not going back. My MRI of my neck was fine and just showed some spasming was all but that was because my back was spasming while I was getting the MRI. lol. I have that appointment with Dr B next week so I'm just going to ask him to give me some Ultracet. It won't do much but it's non-addictive and will take the edge off the pain for a month or two at least. It's better than the four months of nothing I've gotten so far.

So on Tuesday morning I have an appointment with Dr B, in the afternoon Sis has one to be set up with him as a new patient, Wednesday afternoon Big B is suppose to be seen for new patient and to get something for his allergies. I may have to reschedule that one because it's around the same time Sis is at gymnastics and she tests on that day. *sigh*. I'll figure something out. Wednesday evening I have the appointment with the nutritionist, and I'm STILL waiting to hear back about Lil Man so I will be calling first thing Monday to rip someone's bum! This gets so old sometimes.

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