Thursday, October 06, 2005

Finally Some Relief!

Tuesday I went to my appointment with B (actually I saw Brad the PA) and just laid it all on the table for him as far as what's going on with me right now. I told him I've having really bad mood swings that are making me some kind of looney, I am in pain nonstop, I can't sleep, and so on. I told him maybe I just finally had my breakdown and he said he wouldn't blame me one bit. So we talked for a few and he took me off the Singulair since it wasn't doing anything, put me on Zyrtec (I'm honestly starting to think my cough is from the breathing tube during my last surgery), put me on Wellbutrin in hopes of stabilizing these mood swings (which I honestly think are from all the meds the pain doctor was screwing me around on) and then once things mellow out some I can wean off them and go back to being ME again, and also gave me my Ultracet. Yayyyyyyy I was so happy I thought I was going to cry! I kid you not.

They went ahead and saw Sis too. Normal checkup and we were just trying to get her established. She had to be seen by some weiner PA of another doctor. I say weiner because I honestly think that once he saw "MEN2a" he was intimidated as hell! I kid you not. He started fidgeting and stuttering all of a sudden and then at the end we of course got the usual "You're the first MEN case I've ever seen". We know, we get that alot. lol

Tuesday afternoon- B (Dr L's nurse) called and said that my thyroid levels were actually normal now so I am to stay on the 125mg dosage of the Synthroid. That part is good news. I still have to get the calcitonin and PTH levels done especially since we are now moving at the end of the month. I want to know what my levels are now so I have a starting point when we get to where we're going. The kids' results aren't back yet but hopefully they will be soon.

Wednesday- Big B's turn at the doctor and he was given Allegra and Nasacort for his allergies so hopefully those will help him some. Poor kid has suffered from allergies (hay fever type symptoms) most of his life so I'd like to see him finally get some relief. He's more cheesed off that he has to take another pill than anything else.

I also missed the meeting with the nutritionist because things around here got so hectic that I completely forgot until the woman called me. I felt like such a jerk. :(

I never did hear back about Lil Man and made a complaint today to let them know that I wasn't happy about that. I guess we will just hope he can get in with a new doctor fairly easily once we move.

As for how I'm feeling (which I keep getting asked by several people)- I feel like crap to be honest. I feel like a person with cancer, no adrenals, and no thyroid. I feel drained beyond humanly possible BUT I try not to let it get to me. I will say it sucks though to be so drained all day long and then not be able to sleep at night. It is now after 4am and here I sit. I think next I might need a sedative once I'm off some of this other stuff. I'd much rather be able to sleep on my own though. Oh well.

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Amy said...

I don't know how you do it, I'd fall apart if I had to deal with as much crap as you do.

Hopefully the docs in Albuqu... ah shit I can't spell that... well hopefully those docs will be better.