Sunday, October 09, 2005

As I've reported before, Sis has been having bad headaches since her thyroidectomy in March. We've had a full blood panel done and it came back fine so we've been stumped as to what it could be that is causing this. Well I was reading on the ped thyca group I'm on and one of the moms was talking about how her daughter kept having headaches too. We both realised that both of our children are on Synthroid and we were both trying to figure out what could be causing this. Another lady posted that her daughter switched to Levothroid and the headaches went away. So I started to do some research and found that Synthroid can cause severe headaches in children in some cases.

I called Dr L's nurse and told her to tell Jen that I want to try Sis on Levothroid to see if she gets better. We also agreed that she would see a neurologist as well and we would test Sis for pheos just to be safe.

Well I am happy to report that one week later the headaches seem to be gone. Sis hasn't complained of a headache all week and I haven't had to see that awful pale face she gets with them. I'm just hoping they stay gone so my babydoll can feel normal again. Her test results for the pheos also came back on Friday and they showed no pheos so I honestly think it was the Synthroid.

Big B's results came back as well and he is hypocalcemic again so he has to go back UP to two Rocalcitrol a day. He's not a happy camper but he knows he has to do what he's told and that this is serious. I think his levels were 8.2 this time so not horribly low but not where we would like them either.

I can't remember what else I needed to post so I will just have to update again later. :(

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