Thursday, October 20, 2005

I honestly can't gather my thoughts enough to make a good post but I wanted to at least post a few things.

First is Sis- she is doing so well on the Levothroid. There haven't been any headaches since we switched from Synthroid. It's so wonderful. I let Dr L know because she was interested in seeing if it would work.

Second- I had them draw some blood today for calcitonin levels, intact PTH, and thyroid panel. We are moving at the end of the month and I figured it would be a good idea to take all those with me to the new endo. I also wanted it because I've been getting pretty sick lately and I have an idea what's going on but figured I better check to make sure.

Third- I had a really nice surprise today. After my bloodwork a lady stopped me in the hall asking if I was... well ME. lol. I told her yes and she introduced herself as Carol Hutchinson (I hope I got that right, if not let me know. ;) ). She is the supervisor of the lab that the kids and I have gotten all our bloodwork done. Carol told me that she has been reading my blog and even stayed up until 3am one night reading. She told me that reading this has given her a new outlook and perception on how things are for patients. She even teared up some and it was truly touching.

I was honestly in awe knowing that not only had she read this blog but it also touched her. THAT is what I've been hoping to do all along so it was nice knowing I'm accomplishing that. I told her I wanted to apologize for how upset I got in the beginning because I know now that it wasn't her lab's fault when bloodwork was messed up and that it was Quest Diagnostics that kept messing up. I also told her that the girls who worked in the lab are great. Sis adores Theresa and if it wasn't for her I honestly think Sis would still freak out everytime she has to go for bloodwork. I'm really thankful for all they've done.

So to Carol and the girls in the lab at the Valdosta Specialty Clinic... thank you for this past year. I appreciate the job you have done and all your help. Thank you also for letting me know that the medical community is reading this blog. I hope you found your way back after I gave you the new URL, Carol and thank you again.


W said...

Jo, if you're able to find the time and energy to keep posting your diary there are people as far away as Australia who are reading it and drawing encouragement from your words.

Jo said...

W- you have no clue how much you're posting means to me. There are two reasons I keep this blog. One is for my children in the future and the other is in hopes that others like us will find it and not feel alone like I felt when first diagnosed. Knowing people are reading is worth so much to me and I thank you for letting me know.