Monday, December 13, 2004

December 13, 2004- Kids Bloodwork Redone

Kids ended up having to go back AGAIN to have blood drawn for a third time. This time the reason was because the doctor got so caught up in how sad she was for me when she told me the oldest two have MEN2a that she forgot to order the calcitonin test. It upsets me but at the same time, I can forgive her because she really DOES care alot about us.

So last Wednesday I was going to take them back again to have it done when they realized that they DO have the Elma cream (numbing cream) to use on Sis so she doesn't feel the needle stick when they draw blood. So we picked that up from the Pharmacy there and then went and got our Christmas tree. On Thursday, Big B's school bus broke down and he didn't get home until after 5pm so we didn't get to go then either.

I took the kids up on Friday and this girl I haven't seen before informs me that if they draw the blood it will go back because the people at Quest Laboratories aren't in on the weekend. I told her she has GOT to be kidding me! She says that she can go ahead and draw the blood anyway if I want but it would go bad and we'd just have to come back. I couldn't believe her stupid ass! I looked at her and said "Why in the hell would I have you stick my kids yet AGAIN for no reason whatsoever? It's bad enough we're here a THIRD time and two of those times are because of screw ups!" Then I told her to make sure they are ready for us on Monday and to make sure they don't screw it up again and know whether or not to freeze the blood or not.

So we showed up today after Big B got out of school and go back and it's the usual two girls that I like who are working the lab and drawing blood. Theresa (Lab Tech) asks me "Who told you they couldn't take blood on Friday?". I tell her that some girl with brownish black hair in a white coat that I've never seen before. She then asks me "Was she tall?". I told her "Hun, everyone is short to me". She laughed and said that was true and then I told her that the girl was younger and looked in her early 20s. I asked her why? She then tells me that had the girl bothered to look in the lab book she would have seen that the samples need to be FROZEN for the test they were doing and the blood could have been drawn on Friday just fine saving us today's trip. I was HIGHLY ticked off to say the least!! It looks like I will be filing yet another report tomorrow when I go to my appointment with my endo. *sigh* This crap gets real old real quick.

I haven't heard back from Dr. Wells yet but it could be because he hasn't been able to reach Dr. L yet. I'm going to make sure she knows he is trying to reach her and give her his phone numbers to speed things along a little bit. She wants to talk to me about some stuff and I plan on getting whatever results of the kids' are in and also copies to take to their Pediatric Endo appointment on Wednesday. I also have to talk to her about the fact that my problems with focusing and memory lapses are getting worse. I would also be willing to bet she hasn't heard a single thing from Tampa yet either.

Wednesday the kids have an appointment with Dr. NWin Florida. She's a pediatric endocrinologist who I guess will take over the kids' cases. I'm going to see about pushing for some surgery dates for the kids here real soon so we can get them done. I just don't want them to have to go through this too. Hopefully their pheo and medullary cancer tests come back clean and the surgeon here can do their surgeries. I like him and trust him and hope eventually maybe he can do one of my surgeries as well. Anyway, this ped endo will be the one who handles the kids' meds after their surgeries. The nice thing is she comes here once a month so that will mean we won't have to constantly travel there.

I think Vin finally took me seriously about the adrenalectomy today when I emailed him a link about it and then a link about adrenal crisis. He now knows exactly what we have to look forward to and exactly how sick I can get if things aren't taken care of right. It's about time is all I can say. I know this has all got to be really hard on him too but I need him to be there for me because if him and these kids aren't it could seriously cost me my life. That's so stinking scary! :( Anyway- I'll update again tomorrow after my appointment. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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