Thursday, December 23, 2004

Yet MORE Incompetance!

I called the Pediatric Endocrinologist in Florida yesterday to find out whether or not she ever referred the kids to Shands or not. I got the answering machine telling me that starting this past Monday they were on Christmas vacation until next Monday. Needless to say I was BEYOND ticked off! She was suppose to call me last Thursday and yet she could never be bothered. That just pisses me off! After calling Vin and ranting to him about it we decided that yet AGAIN we would have to do everything ourselves. So I emailed Dr. JS at Shands explaining things to her while Vin called her office and left a message for her to call me back.

Well of course she or her office never called but this morning I get this email...

"Dr. M at Shands is probably the world's expert on thyroid tumors and has had excellent results with one of the surgeons here at Shands. We can see you the first Friday after New Years or you can be seen by Dr. M. We will coordinate and determine the earliest time we can schedule an appointment and get the ball rolling for you. Dr. W did contact me, and I let her know what resources are available here. She is an excellent endocrinologist and may have already made the referral. We will proceed to get things done as quickly as possible."

Ummmmmm okay who the hell is Dr. M? What does a thyroid TUMOR expert have to do with my kids who have NO thyroid tumors? Was she talking about ME? Because if so no thank you, I'll stick with Duke thank you very much. Can she be anymore stinking vague??? This email doesn't tell me much of anything and it kind of ticks me off. Now if she planned on calling me and setting things up this would be fine but they can see "you" the first Friday after New Years blah blah blah and then she says they will coordinate and determine the earliest time we can schedule an appointment?? An appointment for who? With who?

I figured it would be better to post here before I email her back because I want to just go off on her completely. Please, be as vague as possible and run us around in circles and let US do all the work again. Please... we insist.

I also realize I was too hard on Vin before. I do feel he is thinking more with his head than his heart but it's how he is and I know this is hard on him as well. I'm afraid I'm quite moody thanks to not only my own illness but all the crap we deal with as well. I don't stop to think like I should that he might be stressed out as well. You would think after almost 5 years I would be better at this co-parenting thing but I'm not. I still go into defense mode when it comes to my kids and I still try to make all the decisions myself. *sigh* Things would be so much easier around here if we didn't have so many attitudes and thick heads. LOL

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