Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kids' Pediatric Endo Appointment A WASTE!!

Well today was the kids' appointment in Florida(almost two hour drive), with the Pediatric Endocrinologist.

We got up at 5am this morning, got ready, and we were out the door by 6:10am. Lil Man was wide awake which surprised me. About an hour into the trip we were all worried that I took a wrong road and wondering if I should turn around and go back when I finally saw a sign that said we were on the right road. We got there an hour before the kids' appointment so we went back to the gas station so they could use the bathroom and then went back to the doctor's office. All three kids did wonderfully on the trip. Not a peep from anyone and the trip actually went pretty quickly.

Got into the office, signed in, let them make copies of the kids test results thus far, and a few minutes later we went back.

Big B is 5'6 1/2" tall, 114 1/2lbs, and his blood pressure was 100/74 if I remember right.

Sis is 55 1/2" tall ( four and a half feet tall I guess?), weighs 71lbs (YAY she's finally over 70lbs!!!), and her BP was 88/68.

Doctor came in and pretty much right away let us know that she had talked to my endo and they had decided that it would be more beneficial for the kids to be seen in Gainesville, FL at Shands which has a Pediatric center. This appointment was pretty much worthless because this ped endo will be turning over the kids' cases to Gainesville. So we made a trip for NOTHING and the kicker is that MY doctor supposedly knew that before we even left. So she sent me there for nothing. I will find out for sure when I email her later and get the whole story.

So after about 30 minutes there of the doctor asking the kids if they understood what was going on (to which they both said yes and Sis informed her that her mommy is very smart and knows everything about this. ) we left. She did say that neither one has any lumps in their throat or lymph nodes meaning the chances of either having developed cancer yet is pretty slim. She also said that only one in five people with MEN2a develops hyperparathyroidism so the chances of either of the kids getting it is slim as well.

Left the doctor's office, realized it was too early to get lunch, drove home, dropped Big B off at school around 11:30a, got some lunch, and then dropped Sis off at school even though she was considered absent for the whole day because it was after noon when we got there. I told them had I known that I wouldn't have wasted my time bringing her to which I got a shocked look from the secretary. Whatever lady... not in the mood.

So came home and read my email from Dr. Wells. Called him, he called me back, and... on to the next update eh?

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