Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blah blah blah...

Sorry, I haven't felt much like updating lately. Everytime I get ready to I remember that I hate all this crap and close the window. It's also very hard for me these days to post without breaking into a string of curse words no matter how hard I try to keep this blog nicey nice.

Let's see- my CT scan results are still up in the air. The endo here says that their two scans reveal no tumor in the small intestine so until I pay for the CT films to be shipped here from Georgia then they aren't going to do anything. As far as they are concerned, Georgia screwed up. Personally, I don't feel like paying money for scans that they could just order themselves to look at so I haven't bothered. I'm in a "piss off" mood right now as far as the endo is concerned. Not sure why just am. lol.

I had Dr M (our general doc) rerun all of my bloodwork and it showed that my Intact PTH was at something like 127 I think. In other words, still high but not much above the high end of normal. I called my old endo in Georgia to see what she thought and she said that maybe the adenoma they put in my arm completely died out and my levels evened out or it died out enough to become almost normal. The endo here just basically did the Georgia must have screwed up thing with that too. Hmmmm maybe that's why I'm in a piss off mood with him.

Dr M told me he read this blog which just endeared me to him even more. Most doctors blow you off or think you couldn't possibly have anything of interest that they don't already know so why read it. He read it and was worried that there was a misunderstanding. Would you believe his nurses even apologize when they forget to do something??? I know, it's amazing but now you can see why there's no way I'm ever leaving this practice and doctor. lol. Seriously though, he called me himself with the bloodwork results, talked to me about some things he's read, and even worried over me and a cold I had. It's really nice to finally feel like someone cares.

Anywho- Big B (my son) needed his Synthroid upped after his bloodwork came back and he is actually within the normal range on his calcium. It's low normal but we'll take what we can get with that one! :) Sissy came back fine on everything and my thyroid levels and calcium were fine as well.

I actually got the kids in with the ped endo I wanted them to see thanks in large part to Dr M's office. His office had to put the request in with the insurance and once they did that we were approved so now the kids have an appointment with the ped endo everyone raves about in March. Until then, Dr M has said he will do the kids' bloodwork every 6 weeks for me so we can keep an eye on things until the ped endo, Dr. K, takes over.

Other than that- I start physical therapy today, I have an appointment with a neurologist in March, the pain in my neck and shoulder is getting worse, the pain in my limbs is getting worse, I'm having constant migraines, and I may actually finally be getting depression but who the hell knows at this point.

Nice update eh?