Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well I can now add one more cancer to the list of ones I don't have. I do not have cervical cancer which honestly surprised me. At this point I just figure I have whatever they are testing for until I get the actual results. lol. No surprises that way and if the results come back good then I have a reason to celebrate! :)

The kids had their first appointment with the pediatric endocrinologist yesterday and I must say I am VERY happy to report that Dr. K is even more than I had hoped for! She is a wonderful little lady, patient, and knows what she is doing. My kids are in good hands with her. The only thing that stunk about the whole thing was trying to find a parking spot. lol. OY, you'd think we lived in New York or something as long as it took (half an hour I kid you not!). They were very understanding though and everyone in that office is a sweetheart. I'm so happy that Dr. M helped me fight to get the children in with her (she isn't on our insurance so we had to have special permission). The kids even liked her and were completely comfortable.

Speaking of Dr. M, the man is amazing. He has so far had to refer us to several other doctors for various things and everytime it has turned out great. He refered my husband to a surgeon for his deviated septum and hubby came back more than happy with the guy. Dr M suggested this ped endo for the kids and she was beyond what I had hoped for. Out of all the doctors I could have chosen out of our insurance book I honestly believe the Fates gave us Dr M. Maybe someone higher finally decided we deserved good care for once. Whatever the reason, I am extremely thankful.

Something funny that happened last week- months ago Dr M had referred me to a doctor for my cervical cancer check. I ended up losing the paper without ever remembering the name on it. Last month when I made the appointment finally I picked out of the insurance book, at random, and was honestly just given the doctor who would be available at the time. Lo an behold, it was the exact same one Dr M had suggested before. How is that for odd? She ended up telling me that Dr M is a very good friend of her's and was surprised he didn't refer me. I told her that I think he did I just didn't know it. lol.

Finally I have had a chance to see a neurologist and the diagnosis is... no nerve damage or disease but the pain in my extremities is nerve pain. The problems with my neck are definately nerve damage. What can be done about all the pain? Nothing but pain meds and trying to control the pain. He said I will always have this pain, they can't fix it, and he gave me a script for Neurontin. I'm to follow up with Dr. M to have the dosage raised as needed.