Sunday, May 20, 2007

Please Keep Her In Your Thoughts

*Update- She's gone. Patsy passed away around 9:30 eastern time this evening, Sunday. Her breathing slowed and she was gone within a few minutes. She was wrapped in love, to be sure.

A very special mama from a few of the parenting boards I use to frequent might be losing her fight with lung cancer tonight- Patsy.

She has always been a bright light on the mama boards and despite being dealt such a crappy hand (the cancer) she has been such an upbeat person through her struggles.

Patsy has seven children and they just really need their mama for awhile longer so please pray, keep her in your thoughts, light a candle, or whatever it is you may do in times of need for her. I'm not very good at this since as an atheist I don't pray but I'm not beneath asking those who do pray to for one of their own. She is deeply in my thoughts though and my heart breaks with each tear I shed and believe me, this woman is so special that if you even knew of her you would be crying as well.

Patsy- To say I admire your strength would be an understatement. You are amazing and I hope to someday have even half of the grace and class that you have. the strength you gave me through watching you. You are the epitomy of strength and you will always be one of my heroes. I am proud to know (even if not in the flesh) someone as wonderful as you. Thank you.

Fight mama, I know you're tired but just keep fighting.