Saturday, June 24, 2006

And The Wheels Go Round And Round....

What do I have for you this month? Why more medications and more diagnosis of course. Fun times. Good stuff. Oh who am I kidding? lol

I took Sis to see Dr M yesterday because she's been complaining of pain in her jaw when she eats, yawns, and so on. So of course since she is MY daughter it can't just be some lil ole thing. No no no it has to be something odd that Dr M hasn't seen much of. Sis has the beginnings of TMJ and has to now be treated for that. TMJ in adults is at least semicommon. I think everyone knows someone who has it but in a kid?? Not so common. We think it's from her grinding her teeth in her sleep (bruxism) and we're hoping to kind of head it off before it gets bad.

She will be starting TMJ physical therapy in a few weeks and the doctor has given her medication to try for two weeks to see if it helps her sleep deeper so she doesn't grind so much. I think our next step will most likely be a form fitted mouthpiece.

So that was fun enough but then my appointment was right after her's. This means she was the opening act in the program and I was just the old chic falling apart bringing up the rear. lol. I told Dr M that the Elavil isn't working for the fibro nor is it helping me sleep. It is however making sure I don't lose any weight. Bastard. The Elavil not the doctor. I'm also still having alot of pain in my hands and feet that nothing is taking care of at this point. Add to that migraines and the beginnings of depression because of some crappy stuff that happened this month (that I'd rather not post about) and you have what was on the list for the poor guy to take care of.

He told me to stay on the Elavil for now, start back up with the Neurontin for the pain in my hands and feet, start taking 150mg of Zoloft, the migraines may very well be from altitude sickness (from when we went to Colorado last week), and hang in there. I told him I'm hanging... dangling maybe but still holding on. :) He also said that he thinks I have peripheral neuropathy (sounds lovely doesn't it? Yep, that is how I feel every stinking day) on top of the fibro and carpal tunnel syndrome and that is why I have the pain in my feet and hands like I do.

So if you have been following but get lost in all the BS... I have MEN2a, medullary thyroid carcinoma (metastatic), hyperparathyroidism, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, mild depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, adrenal insufficiency due to surgical removal of adrenal glands (because of cancer), no thyroid (due to surgery because of cancer), nerve damage in my neck and right shoulder (due to surgery), and right now I have a crick in my neck. LMAO.

Will the 80 year old woman who took my damn body please give it back?! I don't like having your body and would like to feel like a 31 year old woman again. I know you're enjoying the libido, the energy, and the great memory but in the meantime I am thinking that the lack of libido, lack of energy, crappy memory, and long list of problems completely sucks.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, Big B is doing great and has no current problems. I have a feeling the poor girlchild is going to take after her mother and Big B may get off next to scott free. My youngest of course will one day get beat up for being the only one of us who is negative. LOL

Take care and thank you for continuing to read.