Friday, August 21, 2009


Chronic Costochondritis is what my last trip to Urgent Care on August 15th left me diagnosed with. It might sound scary but compared to the fact that we thought I was trying to have a heart attack... I'll take it!!

Off and on for the last four months or more I've been getting mild chest pains whenever I get really stressed out. After my adrenalectomy I was told that large amounts of stress were a no-no because my body could no longer produce the adrenaline needed to help my heart deal with it. So since then I've honestly been worried about having a heart attack because I KNEW the stress wasn't going to go anywhere! LOL.

Fast forward to August 13th when I got really stressed out and pissed off at my teenagers thus causing my chest to explode in pain. I can honestly say I have never felt such horrid all consuming pain in my life. Natural childbirth again would have been more enticing! As you can see from the first link, costochondritis is not a surprise when you have fibromyalgia. Of course, it was a surprise to me because I had never heard of it before.

So I have yet another diagnosis, with more pain, that isn't going anywhere to add to the long list now. OY. Is it nap time yet?