Saturday, October 20, 2012

The "Legacy" Continues...

About a week ago I received some good news to balance out the bad news we had received the week before. The good news- my calcitonin levels haven't risen in the last eight months! I was so very relieved to hear this as I'm sure other Meddies can understand.

The odd thing was that I was on the verge of having a panic attack waiting to hear these newest results which is so very unlike me. I have NEVER had anxiety about my results before even if I knew they would be bad! Come to find out, my TSH levels were high and my Endo said that can cause anxiety. That might also explain why I've been having such gory nightmares lately too! Lol

Bad news was that my oldest child (21 year old son) got the results of his 24 hour urine test and we are finally at a point where he needs to have surgery for the Pheochromocytomas that are forming. It breaks my heart that my children have to go through this too but thankfully he has a mama who has educated herself on this who will help him through.

My son has decided to have Dr. Jeff Moley in St Louis do his laparoscopic Pheos surgery. This is the man I wish I had asked to do mine and I know in my heart that he will make sure my son doesn't end up messed up like me.

Big B will have the surgery after the New Year when him, his fiancé, and I will drive to St. Louis. I'm honored that at 21 he still wants me to be a part of this.

In other news- my Endo had me quit my 2 liter a day habit of drinking soda which cut out all caffeine and most sugar for me (yes, I've been a real bitch this week!), my Fibromyalgia is behaving itself, my Peripheral Neuropathy is getting worse all the time, and I think my Costochondritis is actually Tietzes Syndrome due to where my pain is located. The other 2 million diagnosis' I have really don't bother me much so they're not worth reporting.

Ahhhhhhh the life of a messed up MEN2a Meddie....gotta love it! Lol