Sunday, April 22, 2007

Perfect Example Of Jerky Doctor!

*I took out some of the curse words now that I'm not so upset*

Well it seems I will be looking for a new rheumatologist and my original feelings about Dr. O were correct.... he is a jerk! I was unable to see him for about six months due to how tight finances have been around here. I made an appointment with him for April 16th so I could catch him up on things and ask some questions. He had his mind made up before I even got there that he was going to ditch me. Of course, he made sure he got his money and copay first. Jerk!

I told him I wasn't on the Cymbalta any longer because as I had informed him several months earlier, it was causing severe mood swings and I know for a fact it's the Cymbalta because the same thing happened two years ago when I was given it for the nerve pain in my neck. That was the first "stupid b*tch" look he gave me. Then he asked what I've been doing for exercise. I was quite proud to tell him that I've been taking daily walks with Lil Man and also started a Tai Chi class at the local community center. I figured he would be happy because studies are finding that Tai Chi helps fibro. Nope, wrong answer. Instead I was told how stupid it was to do Tai Chi and asked for the NINTY MILLIONTH FREAKING TIME if I joined Curves like he told me to. I was told that I needed to do strength training and to "get over it" (direct quote) as far as my fear of the flare up pain that always comes afterwards.

For the ninty millionth time I told him that we can't afford stupid Curves. This is when I received the second "stupid b*tch" look. I am convinced at this point that the butthole owns stock in Curves or an actual branch himself. He has NEVER told me exercises I could do on my own. He has only ever told me to do Curves. Period. I think out of all the doctors I've been through, he is the most ignorant.

If you live in New Mexico and are in need of a rheumatologist, please email me first and I will tell you my opinion on who not to go to. There are so many others in town that I feel could easily do a better job and who probably don't have stock in Curves!

So the end of my visit was me asking him if it was okay for me to see a chiropractor just for an aligning of my spine (nothing to do with the fibro). He cut me off midsentence with "That won't help". So I said again, not for the fibro and get "whatever it's your choice". Ummmmm okay. So I ask if getting a deep tissue massage is okay and the answer to that is "do what you want and we won't need to see you again at all". Huh?

Yep, I was fired for not going to Curves. Unreal I know. Do you know what happened after I left his office? I sat in my van at Walgreen's and cried for TWO hours straight while my husband practically begged me to just come home. Dr O left me feeling like a loser and like I had wasted the last year of my life because he never ever helped me with any of the fibro pain. Ever!

If you are a doctor reading this then seriously think about the way you treat your patients. Just because you have a medical degree does not mean you know everything. Patients are human beings and they are in your office for a reason and that reason is not to be belittled by a pompous ass!

I told Dr. O of my pain several times. I told him that what we were doing wasn't helping. I never once asked him for pain killers and was willing to look at things that were not tied to medication to help me so it's not like I was some junkie that came into his office wanting narcotics! I was a woman who had already been through a year (when I first saw Dr. O) of constant pain, two forms of cancer, seeing my kids have surgery, and nerve damage and hoped he would help me find just a little relief from this so I could be a mother to my children. HE told me I had fibromyalgia not the other way around.

Two days later I talked to Dr. M about it and I will post about that too because he really deserves his own post.

Today I called our insurance company and filed a formal complaint against Dr. O . It's too late to help me but hopefully in the future he'll think twice before being a jerk to someone else.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Thank You Planet Cancer!

While websurfing tonight I came across this awesome list that fits me so perfectly. Now I have new things to say when asked about my U-shaped scar on my neck! :)

Top 10 Responses To Nosy Questions About Scars

1. Never go to Mother's Tattoo Parlor when you're high.
2. You think that's bad, you should see the exit wound.
3. I self-mutilate. Don't you?
4. Those damn flesh-eating bacteria are spreading, slowly but surely.
5. That's where the government put the chip to track my movements.
6. It's the only way to smuggle drugs these days.
7. What scar? What are you talking about? Oh my God! That's HUGE!
8. I had to sell organs to get off the street.
9. I should have listened when Mom said not to scratch that mosquito bite.
10. That's where my Siamese twin was attached.