Friday, March 18, 2005

Dr. L's nurse called me back late yesterday afternoon and said she wanted me to go to the walk in clinic to be checked. She said with my kidney problems in the past she didn't want to mess with this and knew how much I hate the ER so we would try this first. LOL.

They checked my urine and no signs of infection so the doctor just said it must be a BACKACHE caused by the liver biopsy, gave me Percocet and Flexeril and told me to come back in a week. *eyeroll*

In other words, no signs of infection, you have cancer anyway so just take these pain meds and go away. :( If all I had was a stinking backache I would have said "Hey I have a backache" and I would have put heat on it and stayed home! How does a backache hurt right across your kidneys AND around the right side as well? Am I missing something here? Is this some kind of new fangled backache I've missed out on the last few years? *sigh*

So I don't know what IS wrong with me now but I am glad there's no infection at this point. I DO know though that something is wrong in my kidney area. I've had over 50 kidney infections and it doesn't feel like one of those. I've also had pulled muscles and backaches over the years and this doesn't feel like that either and WHY would it show up two days after my liver biopsy? HOW does lying flat on my back for a liver biopsy cause a backache? Especially since it didn't show up for two days??

WHY is the medical profession so damn STUPID?? I'm going to make myself a shirt that says "No, Doc It's Okay If You're Stupid. I've Come To Expect It At This Point". Or maybe one that says "Why Do They Call Themselves "Medical PROFESSIONALS When There's Nothing Professional About Them?"

So now next week there are appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To be honest, I'm not even going to that stupid follow up on Thursday. I'll just talk to Dr. L and leave it at that.

If I get really sick though because they are ignoring something I'm suing their asses!! Shut up and let me dream dammit! ;)

I'll be offline for a few days. I feel awful and need to just lay in bed drugged up for awhile and hope I feel better come Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that there aren't any ER trips in the cards for me this weekend. I REALLY hate that place and don't like going there.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo it's Kari, one of these times I swear I'm going to get an account so I have a name other than Anonymous lol

I'm sorry you aren't feeling up to par with your Kidney issues THAT is something I can relate too *sigh* I think that if you feel there is something wrong and that you were sluffed off you need to get it figured out.

Anyways take care and get some rest...