Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Took the kids to their appointment today with the doctor who is suppose to become their primary care physician. We got there early and sat around about 20 minutes before the girl at the reception desk informed me that the doctor just got called away for a c-section and I had to reschedule. It kind of ticked me off because I had to pull Big B out of school for this but I DO understand that crap happens. So they now have an appointment for March 22nd instead.

The only thing that did bother me was that I gave the receptionist the kids medical files to copy and when I was ready to leave I asked for them back and asked if she made copies to which she goes “Oh we usually only just need the shot records and not that other stuff”. I got kind of pissy and just told her straight “Two of my children have a genetic disorder that causes cancer. This is all their test results and everything else that you DO need if you expect to care for MY children!”. She looked at me and goes “Oh oh, well bring those back with you next time too okay?”. So basically if they DON’T make a copy of the kids’ test results I will be going somewhere else. I don’t have time for someone who doesn’t take this seriously and there is no room here for half assing things. I’ll no longer settle for anything other than great care for my children. ALL my children.

So we’ll see how next week goes. On the 23rd I have an appointment with Dr. L. I’m STILL waiting on my calcitonin test results. It’s been almost three weeks now so this is getting old. I don’t blame the office here, I blame Quest Laboratories for constantly screwing up and if they have messed up my test AGAIN then I’m going to talk to a lawyer. I’m not a sue happy person but this is just too many times for this crap and something has to be done. I’d settle for a nice slap on the hand by some kind of health board or something.

It’s getting closer and closer to the kids’ surgery date and I don’t know who is more nervous- me or them.

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