Monday, March 21, 2005

Octreotide Scan and Biopsy Test Results Are Back!!!

I just talked to the doctor's assistant on the phone and she gave me my test results. Here they are...

The liver biopsy- was NEGATIVE!!! The tumors in my liver are BENIGN!!! That's right the cancer has NOT spread to my liver!!!! :D

The octreotide scan- showed uptake ONLY in my thyroid meaning it could not find tumors from the medullary cancer anywhere else in my body!! NONE!! The other tumors in my body are most likely benign as well.

This far along it is too much to hope that some of the cancer hasn't entered my body elsewhere especially with the bone pain I'm okay with that. After thinking it was already taking over my liver for 6 months I can deal with knowing it will get me later on. I've already made my peace with it and already been through the sorrow over it so it's easy from here on out. ;)

We will still need to remove the tumors just the same as before but now I know I have more time with my kids. Once we remove the cancer from my thyroid and parathyroid then that big monster will be gone. I may never be totally free of this cancer but I'm not as far into the battle as we thought either and that's a good thing.

I'm in tears and cried the whole time I was talking to my friend Julie. LOL

I don't get this lucky. It just doesn't happen so I am so relieved I am honestly shaking. I honestly thought the results would come back very badly and had tried to prepare myself for that. I never even let myself hope for something like this.

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