Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Kids' New General Practioner

I took the kids to their new GP today so we could get established there before the thyroidectomies. She seems pretty nice. She is hard to understand (VERY thick Cuban or Puerto Rican accent) but still nice and very open to things. She only asked me a few questions about us not vaxing Lil Man and then dropped it. I liked that VERY much!

All the kids are healthy, good weights, blood pressure is good, and the doctor even commented that they must be so healthy because they were breastfed. BIG BROWNIE POINTS on that one! :D

She's never had any MEN2a patients but her and her husband (the other doctor in the practice) HAVE studied it and try to keep up to date on it and are more than willing to learn. That to me is almost more important than finding a doctor who already knows all about it. This way they aren't so stuck in their ways and are willing to listen to me.

She also isn't big on medicating or diagnosing kids with ADHD or bipolar which makes me happy and agreed with me to wait until Sis is on the Synthroid for a bit before we start looking into bipolar. So I think she will work just fine and hopefully I won't have to fire her later. LOL. I'm getting tired of firing people to be honest.

I was suppose to have my appointment with Dr L tomorrow but I'm not going to be able to make it so I'll just have to reschedule for another time. Still waiting on the calcitonin results. Just wish they would get back already.

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