Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well I finally got my calcitonin results back in a half azzed way. Dr L's nurse called me and said my results came back "fine". I asked her what the hell "fine" means considering last time they were over 24,000!! She goes "Oh I don't know I guess that means they haven't really changed much". Ummmmm could you LOOK possibly? Come to find out my levels are at 16,090 so basically what they were in October.

Of course, they will not go down until I have at least the thyroidectomy so I wasn't expecting that. I'm just wondering how they supposedly started at 16,000 then went to 24,000 and then went back to 16,000. In other words- someone is full of crap! I'm thinking they screwed up the results the second time and from now on NONE of my tests will go through Quest Laboratories in Atlanta! NONE!! They are the most incompetant bunch of people I have ever seen in my life!

So the calcitonin is holding steady which is good. It means nothing new has started but again it does mean that my chances of the cancer not spreading past the thyroid are slim to none. That's okay though. ;)

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