Monday, November 29, 2004

Preparing For Tampa

This morning I took the kids' 24 hour urine samples back to the lab so hopefully we will have the results from that in about a week. The blood tests for the medullary cancer should be back by Friday or Monday at the latest I would think. I still haven't heard anything from the Pediatric Endocrinologist that Dr L was suppose to set us up with. I'll have to take her number with me and call tomorrow to find out what is going on. I just don't have the energy left today.

I went by the hospital and got the copy of my CT scans, Pathology slides, and Pathology report so those are ready to go. I tried looking at the CT films but I couldn't tell what was what. Big B kept saying everything was my butt. LOL. They had circled a few things on some of the films which I'm guessing are tumors. I figured out my liver one pretty easily. It was the one with three circled spots on it.

I came home and tried to call the doctor in Tampa to find out if they received my faxed records and if there was a copy of the CT scan report in with it. Of course, no one bothered to call me back and I'm NOT happy about that at all. I don't know if I'm just second guessing things or what but I'm really starting to worry if I made the right choice by choosing to go to Tampa for treatment. By the rude email I got back from the assistant at NIH, I may never be wanted there which I don't get but oh well. I just hope that I didn't burn a bridge there even though I tried very hard to be nice and give them notice. :(

I got snacks and such for the trip tomorrow and just have to finish packing. Lil Man and I will be leaving around 7am so I can get there in time to pick Vin's mom up at the airport around noon or so. No clue what we'll do for the rest of the day but then Wednesday and Thursday are my appointments and hopefully I will come home with a surgery date. I'm hoping they run some tests on me while I'm there. If they don't I may start looking somewhere else AGAIN for treatment. I really don't want to but I need someone reliable for this.

I'm so thankful for Vin's mom right now. Funny... I never thought I would say something like that with the way things were for so many years but the turn around between her and Vin and with her and our family is so wonderful. I may actually soon become one of those women who says "I love my mother in law!". LOL

The lab just called and said that the kids will have to have their blood drawn AGAIN. I wonder what happened this time. Dammit! Last time it was my sample that thawed out and had to be done again and now both of the kids have to go back in. This upsets Sis so bad and is so hard on us. Vin is beyond pissed to say the least.

And when I went to get up to answer the phone my foot was asleep and completely buckled under me. It made an awful cracking sound and I do believe I broke it. OW.

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