Saturday, December 25, 2004

Just A Line

I had emailed Dr. Wells to see what was going on and get an update on when they might schedule my adrenalectomy. I honestly didn't expect to hear back from him until after Christmas but today he emailed me back telling me that he would call me on Monday and some other stuff. The last sentence of his email made me smile because it's nice to know SOMEONE in the medical profession honestly cares.

"Hang in there. I am committed to taking good care of you and your children. Sam Wells"

To me what he said is a big deal. One of the most respected doctors in the endocrine field is committed to taking good care of us. It may sound stupid but it helps me to breathe a little easier now. :)

I'll update after I talk to Dr. Wells on Monday. Hopefully we can get things rolling soon even though in his email it sounded like I might not get to start the study at the end of January like we had hoped. I know I'm still going to be in it, just not sure on specifics now.

Wish us luck and thank you to everyone on Life With Heathens (my site), MD, Mamauniverse, Amitymama, and yes even you ladies on 20ish (wink) who have been keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it more than you know and it means the world to me.

Happy Holidays!

Jo and Crew

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